Sound Production for video.
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"Such a relief to work with creative people that get it from the first brief! Nic has done an outstanding job, across a number of sound design projects and always turned everything around within a blink of an eye. Can't recommend his work highly enough."
Nikolay Seizov - Forward Thinking Music [2013]

"Scorch London have had the pleasure of working with Nic Smith on a number of occasions. Nic is not only a great Sound Recordist but a fantastic person to work with, he always has a great can do attitude, never complains and is an all round great guy to work with."
Sarah Rees - Production Manager Scorch [2014]

"Nic is a pleasure to work with. His attention to detail bound with superior knowledge in sound design, recording, mixing and production means he is a treasured favourite in the studio. This is further complimented by his tedious hard work."
Joe Gilliver - VIVa Music Ltd. [2013]

"I always really enjoy working with Nic, his tenacity in perfecting the sound for the project and his way of adapting to new working processes with different people makes the decision extremely easy when choosing a sound designer to work with."
Hassan Alsekafi - Odyssey Studios [2013]

"Nic is client facing, professional and we have consistently had nothing but a great service from him. We will happily keep booking him for location sound on a wide range of shoots."
Bettina Smith - [2013]

"Nic's response to the brief was perfectly in line with that of the project's creative direction. Not only that but he was able to bring his own ideas to the table, which were all well received and were included in the final piece. He listened and responded to feedback, and was able to explain his reasoning behind choices very well. Finally and most importantly the work came exactly when expected."
Adam Wells - [2013]

"It was a real pleasure to work with Nic. He pays great attention to detail and often contributed exciting ideas that really pushed the dynamic of our short film."
Runyararo Mapfumo - Dessymak Productions [2013]

"Nic's attention to detail, ability to implement our feedback and general patience has been highly valued. He takes great pride in what he does - As a singer songwiter when you put your music into the hands of someone else, you have to be able to trust their work ethic and passion for music, I would highly recommend his services to others."
Becky Okeghie - 'Essence' [2013]


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